#126 - Ch5pg23 - in Chapter Five


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Author Note


High-Moth High-Moth said:

With this ends the 5th chapter!

As a recap, the bloodwitch Velda Bonetaker is dead; her son, Abel is now in custody and her 10 year old daughter Adelaide is nowhere to be found.
The Grimm Wraith is searching for her currently. As is our villain, Father Arthur Gailund, who has been revealed to be Abel and Adelaide’s biological father.
The Hunter of Ald Thelain, Lady Adamantine seems indifferent and jaded. She is absent from the burning.

This year has been long yet so short, I hope everyone is in good health and good spirits. I have no well-wishes for the coming year, in fear that I might jinx any possible good luck.
It is, however, not too much to ask that you take care of yourself.
I’m thinking of you all, and I pray for nothing but the best.
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